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A Digital Prototype created with industrialPhysics supports the engineering from the beginning to the end: for example, in design optimization, PLC programming and realize real-time visualization of material flow with VR/AR technology. Compared to a traditional and widely promoted Digital Twin model, industrialPhysics is used during the entire development process of a machine taking into account the holistic view of the virtual model - from CAD-data to system repair.

The Digital Twin is the digital counterpart of real running systems, products, objects and processes. Everybody is familiar with this Digital Twin approach. Due to the continuously increasing networking, the next logical step is to further cross-link the digital and the real world. During the whole engineering process, the digital copies can be tested, modified and optimized at will—the perfect tool to detect and eliminate vulnerabilities at a very early stage.Machineering’s new approach is to virtually support the model during all stages: First while the design is constructed and later in the transfer to the physical world while continuously improving all production steps and aligning mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software programming. During ongoing operations, you can detect and supervise adjustments and modifications. With industrialPhysics, machineering offers a software to create a data model which adds value to the whole product cycle and product life cycle. Now you can calculate reconstruction processes and optimize the product flow over the whole life cycle of a machine—all before the machine is even built.

More added value thanks to simulation
By supporting the global value-added processes, this 3-D physics-based simulation software with real-time capacity adds value to all engineering processes. The virtual counterpart is always at hand, in real-time: for an efficient planning phase, for an uncomplicated virtual commissioning, for short maintenance times and smooth operating processes. The industrialPhysics advantages are obvious: Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Failure Documentation including instructions, Remote Maintenance with state visualization, Work preparations on the machine, Look Ahead function, Collision calculations, Machine visualisation via Augmented Reality and the possibility to develop new business models in After Sales and Services. Thanks to industrialPhysics you can generate Digital Prototypes directly from your CAD-data and visualizes material flow and machine kinematics. industrialPhysics helps you to have a smooth start in the world of simulation and to efficiently handle it. Like this, separate engineering tools like e.g. CAD-data, PLC—and robot simulation are easily linked together.

For machineering, the topics security and data hosting are crucial: interlinking the Digital Prototypes from the very start to the end of engineering processes represents a strategy which has to be implemented in the whole company. Another advantage of the virtual model ‘My digital prototype’ is that it perfectly responds individual requests. To guarantee this, machineering offers checklists and decision aids—to better specify the added value of the Digital Prototypes.

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