Haddington Dynamics and VIVA Cobotics Bring Human Dexterity to the Microcosm

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Haddington Dynamics offers the first robot with its entire control system in an FPGA.  No subcomponents, and low latency deliver remarkable performance.

With over 3 decades of FPGA experience and award-winning supercomputer design, we’ve taken supercomputers to the world of robotics.  This advancement allows us to create a robot that is more precise than the parts it is made from.  It also allows us to have our entire robot force sensitive, what we call digital compliance.  We can detect deflections of 158nm.  Path planning using force and vision creates a whole new programming environment.  We have our own Dexter Development Environment (DDE) using JavaScript.  Our robots can also be controlled using Unity and ROS.

In collaboration with our partner VIVA Cobotics we are presenting the Micro Maker.  This 5-robot cell will allow humans to bring their dexterity to the microcosm.  Two arms to control the replica arms scaling both force and movement.  Pick up a grain of rice and have it feel like a potato.  This new technology will open the doors to micron-level assembly of parts.  The fifth robot will have stereo microscopes and controlled by the Oculus Rift creating an immersive work environment.

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