Crown relies on FASTSUITE Edition 2 for offline programming of robotic welding cells

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HIROTEC introduces CENIT's FASTSUITE Edition 2 as digital factory solution at its Japanese headquarters.

The software serves as a platform for all steps from cell planning to PLC validation. A first milestone is the digital twin of a production cell for vehicle doors. CENIT will present this project at Automatica. For the live demo at booth 506 in hall B5, the FANUC robot controller and a PLC from Mitsubishi are connected online to the virtual cell model in FASTSUITE Edition 2.

Bottlenecks can occur when robot cells are taken out of production in order to program additional part variants or new part assemblies. Looking towards the elimination of these inefficiencies in lost production time, Crown has now begun to replace the time-consuming manual teaching of the robot systems with simulation-based offline programming for tool path generation. For this, they rely on the FASTSUITE Edition 2 software and the CENIT team!

Robot welding: More efficiency for programming and equipment fabrication

Crown is one of the five largest forklift manufacturers in the world. The US-based, family-owned company has a global production, sales, and service network with 19 manufacturing sites around the world and more than 500 sales offices in 84 countries.

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